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Bryan BIrsic · Cofounder & CEO · Wunder Capital

Bryan Birsic, CEO and Founder of Wunder Capital, on his path from investing in leading financial technology startups as a VC in New York to building the largest commercial solar financing platform in the country out of Boulder, Colorado.


Lynn Jurich · CO-FOUNDER & CEO · SunruN

Lynn Jurich started Sunrun in her cofounder’s attic, weathered the 2008 recession, and grew Sunrun to become what is now the country's leading residential solar and battery storage company.


Bertrand Piccard · Co-Pilot· Solar Impulse

Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss-balloonist-turned-futurist who co-piloted Solar Impulse, the first solar-electric airplane to navigate the globe.

John Berger · FOUNDER & CEO · Sunnova

Serial energy entrepreneur John Berger  founded  three solar companies including his present company, Sunnova Energy Corporation, one of the top residential solar providers in the U.S.

Susan Kennedy · Founder & ceo · AMS

Susan went from the highest levels of California politics to founding Advanced Microgrid Solutions, which uses energy storage technology and analytics software to aggregate battery storage.

Ryan Popple.png

Ryan Popple · President & CEO · Proterra

Ryan Popple  went from an investor at Kleiner Perkins to become the Founder and CEO of Proterra, a pioneering Silicon Valley–based electric bus manufacturer.

Leila Madrone · Founder & cto · Sunfolding

Leila Madrone speaks to how she went from building robots at MIT and NASA to questioning the very nature of the machines we use for solar plants - and how that led her to found Sunfolding .

Billy Parish · FouNDER & CEO · MOSAIC

Billy Parish, Founder and CEO of Mosaic, explains how he went from creating the Energy Action Coalition - and growing it into the world’s largest youth clean energy organization  to founding Mosaic, the largest residential solar+ lender in the U.S.

Jigar Shah · CO-FOUNDER & PRESIDENT · Generate Capital

Jigar Shah, Co-founder and President of Generate Capital, tells his story of founding SunEdison and leading The Carbon War Room, as well as his latest musings on all things clean energy.

Sara Ross · Founder & CEO · Sungage Financial 

 Sara Ross, Co-Founder and CEO of Sungage Financial, turns her struggle to go solar into a thriving  proprietary online platform that enables homeowners to apply, qualify, and contract for solar financing.

Nancy Pfund · Managing Partner · DBL Partners

Nancy Pfund, Founder and Managing Partner of Double Bottom Line Partners, describes her path from policy and advocacy to finance, to then build the premiere impact investing firm in the country that was an early investor in clean energy companies Tesla, Solar City, and more.

Scott Clavenna · Founder & CEO · Greentech Media

Scott Clavenna tells the story of applying a successful business model in telecommunications market research to found GTM, leading energy news and market research company, that was acquired by Woods Mackenzie in 2016.

Dan Shugar · Founder & CEO · Nextracker

Dan Shugar recounts his journey and shares lessons learned after founding and leading two successful solar companies, Powerlight and NEXTracker.

Andrew BIrch · Former founder & CEO · Sungevity

Andrew Birch shares the story of founding Sungevity, reflects on the company's recent bankruptcy, and shares how the company lives on abroad.

Dick Swanson · Former Founder & CEO · SunPower

Dick Swanson discusses the early days of solar and how his ground-breaking solar cell research at Stanford became SunPower, one of the longest standing and most successful solar companies in the country.