Do you have a business idea that could transform the clean energy industry?

Schneider Electric and Powerhouse present the 4D Challenge, a one-night demo competition to identify 4D solutions that could revolutionize the clean energy industry. Turn your bold idea into the next clean energy venture and pitch in front of a live audience to win a $25K non-dilutive funding from Schneider Electric to develop your idea into a venture with incubation support from Powerhouse.

Submissions due September 15, 2019.


Propose software and/or hardware solutions for the clean energy industry, including a go-to-market model that covers targeted markets, customers, and a business model. Submissions should focus on the follow categories:


Decreasing the carbon intensity of the power sector via improvements in energy efficiency, smart buildings, mobility, & the deployment of DERs.

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Rethinking traditional modes of energy usage, production, and management via localized battery storage and demand response.

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Harnessing the potential of data through IoT & machine learning applications that enable grid modernization and optimize energy management. Other areas of interest include prosumer mesh grids, industrial controls, network infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

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Redefining market participation and energy equity via consumer choice, ‘energy as a service’ models, transactive grids, resiliency, and behavioral applications.



The top team will be receive $25K in non-dilutive funding and will be accepted into the Schneider Electric Incubation Program. The second place and third place teams will be considering for additional $25K in non-dilutive funding from to develop their idea into a venture with incubation support from Powerhouse.


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