Since inception, Powerhouse has hosted over 60 clean energy startups and organizations in our co-working space. Powerhouse currently houses over 100 clean energy entrepreneurs and professionals across dozens of member companies. Powerhouse startups and organizations operate globally, driving innovation in countries such as the US, Spain, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Benin.




Since inception, Powerhouse has hosted over 60 clean energy startups and organizations in our co-working space. Powerhouse currently houses over 100 clean energy entrepreneurs and professionals across dozens of member companies. Powerhouse startups and organizations operate globally, driving innovation in countries such as the US, Spain, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Benin.



Avalon Battery develops, manufactures, and delivers advanced rechargeable battery-based energy storage systems. The company increases the value delivered by renewable and distributed energy sources including solar PV. 

intelligence-driven resource management

Bright Power provides energy and water management solutions for portfolio owners and developers, saving them energy, water, money and time. We focus on multifamily residential buildings, reducing waste and improving cash flow.

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Coreshell Technologies is dedicated to the improvement of Li-lon batteries through advanced materials engineering. Our mission is to improve upon LIB capacity, lifetime, and safety  with an eye towards the burgeoning EV and grid storage markets.

Solar expertise. delivered daily.

With industry-leading service and products, CivicSolar helps you build energy systems, gain competitive advantage, and impress your customers. 

Global MATERIAL & LIFE Science Leader

A global leader in material and life sciences, DSM is accelerating the shift to renewable energy through innovations in solar, wind and bio-based energy. DSM's West Coast business development team is located in the Powerhouse co-working space.

Energy Storage, Monitoring & Management

ElectrIQ (pronounced electric) Power is an innovative energy storage, monitoring, and management company that is developing integrated hardware and intelligent software solutions that empower homeowners and small businesses with more reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity.

Strategy & Tactics for energy market Success

Extensible Energy delivers market insights and advanced technology solutions for utilities, solar companies, and energy customers. With more than three decades of experience in electricity markets, EE can help you find opportunities as these markets shift.



Kite Rocket is a PR and marketing agency that makes brands more valuable. We embrace what makes companies different and help them find their voices. 


efficiency is good business

Lime Energy is the largest national provider of energy efficiency services to business, and the largest aggregator of commercial building energy efficiency resources to U.S. utilities. Together with our partners we are helping the 25 million small businesses across the US to become stronger, smarter, and more efficient.

All-In-One Service for Electric Vehicles

Swing Electric makes it easier to buy an electric car than a gas car. Swing's all-in-one service handles everything from test drives at home to level two charger installation to picking out the cheapest electricity rate.


Nnergix provides weather and energy analytics to increase the efficiency and security of power assets. The SENTINEL web app provides automated alerts for extreme weather events that can potentially damage assets, as well as generation estimates in the coming hours or days for solar, wind, and hydro technologies at any location world.

Microgrid energy access solution

Powerhive uses its proprietary technology platform to develop, finance and manage the world’s most bankable and advanced solar microgrids. We deliver clean, renewable energy to unlock the economic potential of off-grid areas in emerging markets. 

solar Design from Concept to Construction

Built for solar sales professionals and system designers who want to work together on a single, versatile platform that combines efficiency and accuracy. PVSketch is an intuitive web app built for salespersons to easily create multiple versions for array layouts and energy production models; PVCAD is a plugin for solar engineers and designers. 


PVBid takes the guesswork out of estimating solar project costs by helping companies improve their bottom line through real-time insight into operations and costs. PVBid  streamlines solar project workflow for sales, estimation, and ops, reducing unnecessary administrative hours.

The leading inverter supplier for renewables

Sungrow is the leading global inverter solution supplier for renewables, with over 49GW installed worldwide. Sungrow has a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter systems and energy storage systems for utility-scale, residential, and commercial applications. 

Energy Management in Emerging Markets

Solstice Energy Solutions develops the SHYFT, an integrated hardware and software platform that allows homes and businesses in emerging markets to monitor, manage and control all power sources from a mobile application in order to save money and seamlessly integrate cleaner, more affordable solutions.


  • Standard Microgrid is reinventing the African utility with an innovative approach to distributed renewable energy services. The architecture incorporates flexible modular components with proprietary grid management tools to deliver energy services in remote environments.

Energy data for new energy companies

UtilityAPI's technology platform helps energy innovators, property managers, startups, recurring billers, and more evaluate homes and businesses and securely share electric utility data.

Predictive analytics for better batteries

Voltaiq is a full-lifecycle SaaS informatics and analytics platform for energy storage and mobile power. For companies developing and operating batteries and battery-powered products, Voltaiq provides key insights into battery performance by tracking device behavior throughout the product lifecycle, and automates routine data management tasks, providing real-time, interactive access to battery data.

One line of Code to Secure Your Grid Device

With one API call, Wivity enables end-to-end security over any wireless network including LTE, Sigfox, and LoRa.



Building CALIFORNIA's solar & storage industry

 CALSSA promotes the widespread deployment of smart, local, clean energy technologies through policy development, advocacy, education, networking, and business services.  Everyday, CALSSA supports a wide variety of businesses that build a better energy future in urban and rural communities throughout the state.

Expertise to enable Grid integration

GridLab provides comprehensive technical expertise to policy makers, advocates and other                                                                                        energy decision makers on the design, operation and attributes of a flexible and dynamic grid.  

Creating Integrated Distribution Grids

Gridworks helps states create an integrated electricity distribution grid to move towards a network grid infrastructure that expands use of the existing system, puts clean energy on par with polluting sources, and saves ratepayers money by reducing the need for expensive centralized energy systems.

Advancing the science of sustainability

Global Footprint Network is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to help end ecological overshoot by making ecological limits central to decision-making. Their goal is to enable a sustainable future where all people have the opportunity to thrive within the means of one planet.


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA®) is the driving force behind solar energy and is building a strong solar industry to power America through advocacy and education.




InSource Energy offers an array of financing options, including PPAs, loans, and leases, for a variety of clean energy assets. InSource works with customers to understand their energy strategy and provide customized solutions for businesses. InSource Energy was acquired by SunEd in 2015.

Solar Marketing strategies

UnThink Solar is a solar-based marketing and advocacy startup specializing in solar marketing and social media strategies, with an emphasis on guerrilla and content marketing. The goal at UnThink Solar is to dissemble and reconstruct common misconceptions surrounding the solar industry.  UnThink Solar was acquired by Impress Labs in 2015.

charting the future, connecting the globe

Cleantech Group is a San Francisco based consulting firm with a mission to accelerate sustainable innovation.  Cleantech Group was acquired by Enovation Partners in 2016.